Kiss Me Deadly chirashi poster C h i r a s h i explained


This shop specialize in Japanese Chirashi (chee-ra-shee) Film Posters.

Chirashi posters are collectable small posters issued for the purpose of promoting the film. Normally the poster is printed on boths sides, front with design and reverse with film details. What is special about these little posters is that they are limited prints from the time of the film release - a piece of history - and never re-printed. 



Its compact size (standard size 26x19 cm, about 10x8 inches) makes it ideal for building collections.

It has been a very popular hobby in Japan for decades. Chirashi collectors are rapidly growing in numbers worldwide, as I know from selling them in eBay for a number of years. You can build your collection of your favourite actors/directors. Or purely on the strength of its design. Possibility is endless!

 Do send us your requests for unlisted items, or suggestions, without obligation. If you'd like to keep value of your chirashi, it is recommended not to pin it or use blutack, no folding etc.. But please enjoy this little memorabilia in your own way. It will make a lovely original gift, too!


Daisies chirashi poster ORIGINAL / REVIVAL PRINT

In item descriptions you will see print year as Original or Revival.

Original print means the first time the particular film was released. Which is not necessarily the same as the production year. In some cases, you will see 2000s Original for films from 1970s - that means the film wasn't released in Japan until so late.

Revival means re-release. Not to be confused with reproduction. All chirashi posters are promotional by nature, flyers to promote the film showing at theatre. At Puppetonachain, we take extra care in stating the correct information of the print year. Most chirashi don't have the print year on. We research the correct print year as well as film production information.


A Useful Life chirashi poster ITEM CONDITIONS 

A grade items are 'as new', in mint condition.

B grade items are usually just as good, perfect for your collection. No marks/rips/folds at all. Sometimes tiny corner bends or faint crease from handling occurs. Such is always mentioned in descriptions.

B- / C grade items are rare at this shop, but will have detailed condition of the item. Some items have "factory crease". Which is not the crease caused by handling, but the crease that was already on the printing roll of paper at the printers. They are soft crease, often not so apparent.


Your Name. chirashi poster JAPANESE NAMES IN DESCRIPTION 

Japanese names on this website is in Family name - Given Name order, which is the correct order in Japan.